Spero Corporation is a multi-disciplined full service engineering and consulting firm. The company was founded to provide professional environmental and engineering services to meet the needs of national clients, commercial real estate developers, investors, financial lenders and industry.

Our company's belief in integrity and the importance of personalized service is the foundation for all we do. We have an experienced staff of technical personnel and professional engineers that are dedicated to the company's belief and our client's need for thorough, quality and timely engineering and assessment services. To uphold this belief, all of our projects are directly performed or supervised by licensed professional engineers.

Spero Corporation performs engineering and field services across the eastern and mid-western United States. All of our projects are managed directly from our centralized corporate office. Each project is assigned to a specific project engineer that will manage the project for it's duration. We mobilize our field services, field engineers, technicians and equipment, from regional locations.

The field offices are staffed with professionals that are experienced in their operational region. We have structured the company in this manner so that our clients can work directly with the same project engineer or manager regardless of the project location. This eliminates the need to call regional or district offices and deal with different individuals for each project. Most importantly, you get environmental assessment and engineering reports that are consistent, uniform, dependable and thorough and that are prepared by experienced, well qualified professionals.

We are continuously working to keep our services and procedures in accordance with the latest professional standards and practices. We are committed to providing accurate answers in a very timely manner, yet maintaining quality that you can count on at a competitive price.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide engineering services that you can use to make sound business decisions and are directed towards cost efficiency.