Construction Monitoring Services

Bank Draw Inspections | Pay Application Review | Project Review

Spero Corporation provides commercial lenders construction monitoring services in a timely manner including Standard Draw Inspections and Project Reviews. The draw inspection includes the site inspection to evaluate each line item referenced in the Draw or Payment Application, as well as an overall evaluation relative to the quality of work, project schedule and remaining balances.

The Draw Inspection Report includes the following: a summary of draw or payment application details; completed work for the referenced period; percent of completion; overall status and quality; remaining time requirement to complete scheduled work; an evaluation of remaining balances and cost requirements; and photographs relative to the line items referenced in the draw schedule and the project overall. The inspection and the professional report are completed by an experienced Professional Engineer, with the assistance of experienced staff professionals.

For the Initial Review, Spero provides a review and evaluation of the contract, schedule of values, A/E plans and cost estimates, project schedule, geotechnical and other engineering and relative site reports. The findings are documented in a professional report prepared by a Professional Engineer.