Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments

Spero Corporation specializes in Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services for real estate. We complete Environmental Assessments in accordance with All Appropriate Inquiry 40 CFR Part 312 (EPA AAI regulation) and ASTM Standard Practices E1527-13, as well as ASTM E2247 (Phase I Process for Forestland or Rural Property), Standard and Poor’s Protocols, SBA and HUD requirements, various lender and government agency requirements and client-specific scopes of service and requirements. Additionally, we have completed assessments with reduced or limited scopes: ASTM Standard Practice E1528 Transaction Screening Process, SBA Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA), limited desktop environmental reviews and regulatory database reviews.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments completed by Spero Corporation reference the most current ASTM E1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments and include the following services:

  • Site inspection to identify current use, evidence of underground or aboveground storage tanks, hazardous material use or related waste generation, drum storage areas, suspect spills and surficial staining, and other indications of potential on-site sources of contamination
  • Area reconnaissance to observe and identify adjacent and surrounding properties
  • Review historical fire insurance maps, USGS topographical maps, aerial photographs, city directories and other relative available historical documents to document past uses
  • Review hazardous material and petroleum product storage, spill and waste disposal records
  • Review local, state and federal environmental regulatory agency database records
  • Interview property owners, tenants, property managers and government agencies
  • Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening in accordance with ASTM E2600-15 Standard
  • A detailed report compliant with the referenced scope of services detailing the assessment findings, conclusions, relative opinions and recommendations

The objective of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) connected to a subject property, as defined by ASTM E1527:

  • Identify conditions indicative of releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances or petroleum products
  • Identify the current or past presence of underground or aboveground chemical or petroleum storage tank systems
  • Identify confirmed or suspected past uses of a subject property, uses of hazardous substances, waste management activities, corrective actions and response activities, institutional and engineering controls, past owners and occupants, other on-site environmental conditions and nearby properties with environmental conditions

To satisfy All Appropriate Inquiry requirements, a REC discovered as a result of a Phase I Assessment would typically be further assessed to evaluate the related impact to the subject property. This additional assessment required beyond the standard Phase I is referred to as a Phase II. A Phase II Site Assessment provides a more extensive evaluation of the subject site, generally including physical testing of material, soils and groundwater.