Asbestos and Lead Paint Inspections

Prior to demolition and/or renovation of commercial buildings, regulatory agencies require that an inspection be performed by a Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector to determine if asbestos is present in building materials and components at regulated concentrations. Common suspect asbestos containing materials in commercial and residential construction include but are not limited to: vinyl flooring and cove base materials and associated mastics, drywall and associated finishing and texturing compounds, plaster, reflective ceiling tiles, glazing and caulking compounds, transite siding, roofing and flashing materials. Industrial buildings have similar suspect asbestos containing materials as well as electrical wiring, pipe insulation and other thermal system insulating materials. Many times existing structures are inspected during the Phase I Assessment for regulated asbestos building materials and lead containing material. We have engineers on staff who are EPA /AHERA certified and licensed to conduct asbestos inspections and trained for lead based paint inspections.